18歳未満の参加者は、申し込み後、アートオブから送付されるAuthorization for underage person(未成年者参加についての同意書)に保護者または法定後見人が署名したものをコース開始の前に主催者に提出しなければなりません-




ART of

(Ballet Intensive TOKYO)

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ART of

Ballet Intensive TOKYO

c/o Sayako Abe, On- Pointe Co., Ltd.

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 Beneficiary: Klymyuk, ART of

Bank name: Zurich Cantonal Bank

IBAN: CH39 0070 0110 0068 9699 7




*Professional dancer















1. The participants will be assigned to groups depending on their qualification and age, to guarantee the highest possible level for all involved.


2. The groups cannot be changed.


3. No candidate can attend the course injured.


4. The organization must be informed if the participant has any allergies or other health problems, and an accompanying letter must be submitted.


5. All participants must bring normal practice wear, and female students are expected to bring Pointe shoes with them.


6. The organizers will not be held responsible for any damage or injury, however caused, to any person attending the course, nor for the loss of any property.


7. The organizers reserve the right to retain all or part of the course fees in the event of the applicant’s withdrawal. In case of injury three month before the course begin 50%, less as three month before the course begin 60% of the course fee will be retain.


8. The organizers reserve the right to retain all of the course fees in the event of the applicant’s withdrawal two month before the course start (any cases).


9. The organizers reserve the right to change the teachers or artistes in the event of illness or any other unavoidable causes.


10. The organizers reserve the right to cancel and/or change a part of the course or to cancel the entire course. If this occurs, the organizers will reschedule the course or only refund the course fee excluding any additional cost (e.g. accommodation and travel expenses).


11. The organizer is released from responsibility for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations on the Agreement, if they prove, that proper fulfillment was impossible due to force majeure, which means extreme, unforeseen and inevitable circumstances in given conditions.


The participants are accepting that due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of the organizer (e.g. epidemic, pandemic, lockdown, etc.), the course / event can be cancelled or cannot be continued; and therefore they cannot claim for any kind of reimbursement, no course fees can be refunded.


12. The application fee is not included in the course fee. It needs to be paid by submission the application form and cannot be reimbursed in any cases.


13. The Media Service (photoshoot or full package) option cannot be cancelled later than three months before the course begins.


14. Final schedule for the course shall be posted on the notice board of the studios on the first day of the course.


15. It is recommended, as whenever traveling abroad, that the candidate takes out personal travel insurance.


16. Photo- and video shots are ART of property and can be used freely by ART of for promotional and marketing purposes.


17. All participants must have health insurance.


18. All participants must have a liability insurance.


19. To be eligible for the professional dancer course, the professional dancer has to be currently, or has been, under contract with a professional dance company for more than one year.


20. All participants younger than 18 years old must send us, prior to the start of the course, the Authorization for underage person fully completed and signed by their parents or legal guardian.


21. The Participants of online courses are accepting that the internet connection is a third-party service and cannot be influenced by the organizers, so this could sometimes lead to technical problems during the online classes.


22. The Participants of online courses are accepting and allowing us to use the personal data, which can be seen during the live-online classes.


23. The online courses can be recorded and can be used freely by ART of for promotional and marketing purposes.


24. The online courses are open resources, therefore ART of can’t be responsible for the content and behaviour of participants, who take part in the online courses.


25. The ART of reserves the right to adjust and update the Terms and Conditions at any time. Any updates of the Terms & Conditions will take effect immediately upon posting..




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